Lychgate - New Track Released, New Album Announced

18. února 2015 v 8:01 | H. |  Tiskové zprávy
Lychgate - New Track Released, New Album Announced

The apocalyptic black metal unit Lychgate has unveiled a new track, entitled "Letter XIX" from their impending new album. The song is track 5 from the band's second effort, An Antidote For The Glass Pill, which will debut on deluxe vinyl, CD, and digital formats through Finnish/USA label Blood Music in early 2015.

From the label: "An Antidote For The Glass Pill is the ceremonial, liturgical brother of Esoteric and features Greg Chandler (Esoteric's frontman and founding member) on guitar, vocals, and engineering duties. The record is also perhaps the only black metal album in history that features full accompaniment by a professional church pipe organist throughout.

"We've been tracking the progress of this album from raw demos to polished finale and can attest that this was an incredible labour-of-love and also a work of painstaking genius. This is the rare kind of album that will actually give you goosebumps."

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