IUMENTA to release first studio album, tour announcement

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Norwegian death metal band IUMENTA to release first studio album, and tour announcement.

Release date: 10th of April 2015
Genre: Death Metal
Album name: BLOOD RED
Country: Norway
Label: NONE
Released online and for worldwide shipping.

The album, BLOOD RED, is well balanced with brutallity and melodics, giving the nordic scene an album that does not soley rely on blast beats, and and black metal riffing. Since the release of the last EP, several members have been changed out in the band, and now the line-up is solid as ever. On top of that, members from legendary band TRAUMA features on the album.

TRAUMA will also be seen with IUMENTA at release concert 10th of April 2015. Location: TRIBUTE, Sandnes, Norway.

Blood Red
Clone Creatures
Point Of Beauty
7 tracks, ~ 26 Min playtime

Tour announcement
IUMENTA will headline underground scenes throughout BELGIUM, FRANCE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL. Local support acts. Dates to be announced, but within September/October.

Extra notes:
IUMENTA was originally founded by Wojciech "Czyzyk" Czyzewski in Poland, 2008, as Silence of Death. Musicians from C-4, Corosion Of the Backbone, Radio-VIdeo, Opus Profanum, Astaroth, SAINC, could be assiciated with the band.

In 2010 Silence of Death turned into IUMENTA. Wojciech relocated to Norway, and a new line-up was arranged.

March 2013, debut EP "THREE RIFFS" was released independently. In 2014 second guitarist disbanded, and vocalist changed.

Current members:
Vocals - Kristian Vetland Wangberg
Guitar - Wojciech Czyzewski
Bass - Krisztián Kovác
Drums - Jorgen Thele

Contact: Iumentaband@gmail.com

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