Exhumation | New album details revealed

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Exhumation | New album details revealed

Release name: OPUS DEATH
Release date: 1th APRIL 2015 (Europe/USA) , CD & DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, LP EDITION LATER 2015 via Dunkelheit Produktionen
Pre-order: http://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/opus-death

Now EXHUMATION's second opus is ready, and it is colder and more pitiless than the first release. Still it relies on its Eastern Asian roots; but now they are buried underneath a thick layer of classical Death Metal which has an uncanny resemblance to the Black Metal of the late 80s.

Tracklisting for EXHUMATION's Opus Death
1. Soul Wanders
2. Upon Our Hordes
3. Witching Evil
4. Possessed
5. The Sleeping Darkness
6. Graveyard Alike
7. Labyrinth of Fire
8. Ironheart
9. Hymn of Death
10. Lullabyss


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