Desert Releases "Never Regret" Music Video

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Desert Releases "Never Regret" Music Video

Supporting the upcoming album launch ("Never Regret", TBR worldwide on March 30), the Dark/Epic metallers DESERT release the official video clip bearing the album title - "Never Regret".

The video was shot on multiple urban locations of Tel Aviv and includes trashing the office space, which is always fun. The concept clip omits the usual stage performance scenes in favor of the storyline, portraying the voyage of the frustrated nine-to-five office worker to becoming a homeless but free person and taking a hit for his love of heavy metal.
The storyline follows the lyrics pretty loosely, still conveying the message of living a life one desires despite the price to be paid, maybe a metaphorical nod to the state of the whole independent music scene today.

The album will include guest appearances by artists such as Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray) and others, and will be available for purchase both trough major on-line music stores and in physical form, through the distribution network.

The album CD is already available for pre-order online via the band web-store

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1 H. H. | E-mail | Web | 31. ledna 2015 v 8:48 | Reagovat

Jsem si ten klip pustil, když už nám k týhle kapele přišla nevim kolikátá tiskovka... a no ty vole, to je děs. Ta angličtina je totální hell. Jestli si myslíte, že jsou na tom český kapely špatně, tak si pusťte toto :-D

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