IZEGRIM reveals 'Point Of No Return - Deluxe Edition'

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IZEGRIM reveals 'Point Of No Return - Deluxe Edition'

Dutch death thrash ragers IZEGRIM will re-release their 2009 now sold-out EP 'Point Of No Return' on November 17th 2014 exclusively through digital channels. The album will feature the four original tracks plus two live songs recorded at the 'Brutz & Brakel Festival' in 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

The release will be made available on various platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. It was recorded by Jacky Lee Mann (Audiosound Lehmann) and mixed and mastered by Ric Brand at the Red Barn Studio.

'Point Of No Return Deluxe Edition' track listing:
01. Point of No Return
02. No Place Like Home
03. End of Time
04. Angel of Demise
05. Endless Strife (Live at Brutz & Brakel 2013)
06. Celebratory Gunfire (Live at Brutz & Brakel 2013)

The cover artwork - designed by Rutger De Vries - can be seen below.

IZEGRIM are working on a brand new studio-album that will be released in late 2015. Their latest highly praised full length album 'Congress Of The Insane' was released on October 7th, 2013 through Listenable Records. 'Congress of the Insane' was recorded at SOUNDLODGE studio in Germany and introduces a hungry band who aims at getting away from a generic polished sound but yearning to a fierce, filthy, raw feel while still retaining a chunky and powerful production.

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