BRUTAL BLUES: debut release + upcoming tour

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BRUTAL BLUES: debut release + upcoming tour

Selfmadegod Records has just inked a deal with BRUTAL BLUES to release their upcoming self-titled mini-album.

BRUTAL BLUES is a grind band from Norway. This duo consists of Steinar (PSUDOKU, PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI, BxSxRx) on guitar/vocals and Anders (BLODSPRUT, MOHA!, NOXAGT, ULTRALYD) on drums/vocals. This is modern and raw grind and those familiar with their past bands expect nothing less.

Check out the advance stream of "Rett" song on SoundCloud and official Selfmadegod Records' YouTube profile.

The self titled debut release was recorded DIY at the legendary Rifferiet in Norway and mixed by Anders. The artwork was designed by Steinar and Leon Tomatis. It's set for May 22nd 2014 release on Polish label Selfmadegod Records. The vinyl version will be released by Drid Machine Records (Norway) and Nerve Altar Records (USA).

A limited amount of copies of the MCD will come in a screen printed jewel case available directly from the band and on Selfmadegod Records webstore.

In support of the new release BRUTAL BLUES will be touring Europe for two weeks. The tour kicks off May 14th in Oslo, Norway and concludes May 31st in Malmo, Sweden. Polish part of the tour will be accompanied by ANTIGAMA and RAPE ON MIND as part of New Dimension Tour.

Complete tour dates as follows:
May 14: Oslo, Norway - Endless Tinnitus
May 16: Tallinn, Estonia - Snakehouse
May 17: Riga, Latvia - Chomsky Bar
May 20: Kaunas, Lithuania - Underground Pub
May 21: Vilnius, Lithuania - XI 20
May 22: Białystok, Poland - Ack Sepularium (w/ Antigama)
May 23: Warszawa, Poland - Indeks (w/ Antigama)
May 24: Skarżysko, Poland - Woor (w/ Antigama)
May 25: Kraków, Poland - Fabryka (w/ Antigama)
May 26: Brno, Czech Republic - Boro Klub (w/ Batalj)
May 27: Budweis, Czech Republic - Velbloud (w/ Batalj)
May 28: Prague, Czech Republic - Bajkazyl (w/ Batalj)
May 29: Berlin, Germany - West Germany (w/ Batalj)
May 30: Copenhagen, Denmark - Mayhem
May 31: Malmö, Sweden - Häng Bar

1. Skjold
2. Rett
3. Stafett
4. Medalje
5. Tradisjon
6. Alminneleg Utsegn

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