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3. března 2014 v 21:42 | MF / Prdovous |  Rozhovory
French rock band with an interesting name Duck Explosion released its first EP last year and it had an interesting title as well - "Zebra Pilot". Because of this, it shouldn't be a surprise that exploding ducks and zebra piloting a plane were among the topics we have talked about. Answers were provided by the guitarist Wil Castle...

01. Hello to France! Let's start right away with a question - this one won't be much original but how would you introduce the band to someone who has never heard about you before? Let's say someone like this reads this interview… how would you convince him that Duck Explosion is the band he should listen to?

Thanks to you and thanks for the great review! We really like it! My name is Wil and I'm the cofounder of the band and I play guitar. Duck Explosion was created by me and my friends and roommates Jey Bridge. A common passion leads us: ROCK!! 70's rock for one for one and more alternative rock for the other. We create the alchemy, which gives its foundations to the band. Charly Poppins, a singer with heavy metal influences who marks the songs by his hoarse and energetic voice, then joined us. Later we were joined on the bass by Saraswati Inthesky, who is an arranger and a composer of harmonious tones, and finally by drummer Luca who quickly learned to hammer the rhythms of Duck Explosion.

Why listen Duck Explosion? Really hard question but with 5 members with 5 different influences Duck Explosion is a mixture of all these influences and i think you can ear on each song every influence.



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