Infectious Hate - interview

23. února 2014 v 21:57 | Ježura / MF |  Rozhovory
Infectious Hate are young band but they definitely don't suffer from a lack of ambitions or musical vision. With this on mind, it's no surprise that their debut EP "Insanity Begins" scored really well in our review and when we got opportunity to make an interview with these guys, we gladly took it. Guitarist Léo, vocalist John and bassist Rémi, answered our questions and if you're curious about their responses, you can check them out just a few pixels below, so read on!

01. Hello to France! Tell us something about yourselves first… I know this is a cliche question but how would you introduce the band to someone who has never heard of you before? What would you like to achieve under Infectious Hate banner? And what's your musical background? Did you play or still play in any other bands or is Infectious Hate your first musical project?

Léo: I usually introduce us as a Death Metal band that mixes other influences, allowing us to stay accessible while playing extreme music. My own goal is really to have fun doing this and so far it's pretty much a success, I really hope to play into larger events and with bands that made me want to play music too!

I've been playing the guitar for eight years, mostly autodidact stuff learning songs I like and others. I've been into several projects and composed a good amount of songs for them but it never came right for many reasons (mostly line-up troubles) until I got into Infectious Hate, then we kept working and we can finally show results!



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