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1. prosince 2013 v 22:17 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
We do not give high ratings in the reviews every day but when we give 10/10, we really mean it. And when I was rating last year's album "Sørbyen" from (originally) French one-man project netra with 10/10, I was absolutely confident that it is deserved... and I still am. This record is... just perfect. This is the reason why I am honestly glad that it was possible to make an interview with Steven Le Moan, the person behind netra. We were talking not only about "Sørbyen" but also about the brand new EP "Dreading Consciousness" which is a collaboration between Steven and hip-hop band We'rewolves and of course also about some other topics...

01. Hello Steven! The very first question will be a little bit unsual - where are you at the moment? I know that you moved to Norway before creating "Sørbyen"… do you still live in Norway or have you moved anywhere else since then?

I left Norway about a year ago and I currently live in Darmstadt, Germany.



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