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French electro/industrial metallers Herrschaft released their second full-length album "Les 12 Vertiges" not so long ago but this was not the only topic of our interview. Our questions about electronic music, languages, drugs, of course the album itself and many more were answered by two members, Zoé H. and MaX...

01. Hello! Let's start with a simple question. The band comes from France but the name Herrschaft - if I am not mistaken - comes from German language. Why is it so? Does it have any special meaning, or did you choose German name just because it sounds good?

MaX: Of course you could think that having a German name for an electro Metal band just "sounds cool", but it's a little bit more complex than that. We chose Herrschaft by its German meaning, close to "reign", or "domination". First of all this meaning fit perfectly the theme of our two first albums, based on the reign & domination of humanity in a futuristic world. But it also appeared that this word, even for German people, had quite a blurry meaning, some kind of mystery in its definition… Well that was perfectly fitting for us.



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1 hancock hancock | 14. listopadu 2013 v 20:07

Thanks for letting me read the original version of this interview, it´s very juicy! :-D

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