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15. září 2013 v 22:23 | Ježura / Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
Middle east is definitely not a typical birthplace of rock and metal music, but despite this fact, the world recognizes some at least interesting musical acts coming from this area. However, these bands would probably have much worse chance to reach western market without Israel based Orphaned Land, who are pioneering middle-eastern metal for more than 20 years. And it is no one else than Yossi Sassi, multiinstrumentalist and founding member of Orphaned Land, who answered some meddlesome questions that we prepared for him. The interview does not concetrate on Orphaned Land only but we also asked about Yossi's solo album, his collaboration with multiple remarkable musicians, his personal history and future and even more interesting topics...

01. Hello! Let's start with some questions about Orphaned Land… Last year, Matti Svatizky left Orphaned Land after twenty one years of being a founding member. It's not unusual that two guitarists who play together for such a long time develop some sixth sense between them which helps them to predict the other one during composing a new material or during playing live. Was it similar between you and Matti? And how does it work with new OL's guitarist, Chen Balbus? Wasn't it difficult to get comfortable with Chen since you were - as I suppose - used to Matti's style of playing? Did you yourself have to change anything in your own style of playing guitar in Orphaned Land because of the new partner? Or everything went smooth and you got used to Chen right away?

Indeed after 20 years of guitar playing as duo, Matti and I developed some "6th sense" and a lot of mutual understandings in terms of sound and emphasis during playing. I am a strong believer in the long term of things, especially in bands, where players are not just instrument holders, but with time over the years create a very special formula that is original and hard to imitate. Truly Chen is a good guitar player, he was my guitar student, but still it's different. Not for better or worse, just not the same. I miss Matti's playing sometimes. he had his own sound. Chen has a similar sound to mine, kind of imitating what we already have. It's not a bad thing, just different. Anyway, I look for the future, so we're still good friends but we moved on, sadly.



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