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23. července 2013 v 22:00 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
In Vain from Norway are one of the bands we honestly like among our editorial staff. And it's still the same with their third full-length album "Ænigma" which is one of the best records released this year so far for some of us. That was one of the reasons why we were glad to repeat our little chat with guitarist Johnar Håland from 2010 and ask him another set of a few questions not only about In Vain themselves and their new album "Ænigma" but also about their playing with Solefald...

01. Hello! If you don't mind, I would like to start with a few questions about In Vain's history. The band was founded in 2003 and your first demo was released one year later. I couldn't find anywhere whether any of the founding members, including yourself, has played in any other band as of time when the band was born so I'd like to ask if you have played anywhere before In Vain. I'm asking that mainly because even your early works "Will the Sun Ever Rise?" and "Wounds" sound very sophisticated to me - so much that it might be a little bit difficult to believe they were created without any previous experiences with playing music. Could you please tell us something about your musical activities before In Vain (if there are any) and also what was the main motivation to form the band?

HI! I used to play in a metalcore band called Lodestar. That is many years ago. Currently I have a hardcore band together with our bassist Kristian. It's called From Strength to Strength and please check us out on Facebook Our debut album is ready, but since Kristian is currently studying in the US, it is hard to stay active without his vocal duties. So the record is put on hold as of now.

Sindrehar done vocals on Myrkgrav's debut album and he is currently active in the Doom Metal band Funeral. Our other members have had other side projects, but nothing well known.



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