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28. července 2013 v 22:20 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
Italy is not a country full of metal superstars but still there are musicians who left a mark on genre's scene. And singer Cadaveria is undoubtably one of them. Her career started in now-cult band Opera IX, who she left in 2001 and formed a band called Cadaveria alongside with the drummer Flegias/Marcelo Santos. Both the bands were of course subjects of our interview (however, Opera IX just marginally) but there were also some other topics to talk about like Cadaveria's side project DyNAbyte or Cadaveria herself...

01. Greetings to Italy! If you don't mind, I'd start with maybe a little tougher question. You released new edition of your latest album circa two months ago so the very first question just suggests itself - why did you decide to do it? I of course know there are two bonus songs but… well, I'll dare to be honest - despite I like the band's music and "Horror Metal" as well, I'm not sure if I see a reason in releasing the album for the second time in a year after the original version just because of two bonus songs. I would definitely understand it if the original edition was already sold out but as far as I know it's still available - at least here in the Czech Republic…

Yes, there are still one or two hundreds of copies around, coming from the very first print, but they are scattered among the European distributors and however they are not enough to cover the constant request of copies the band gets from the web. We have a handful of live dates planned till the end of the year and we needed more copies to sell at the concerts, so our label planned a new print. I don't see anything strange in adding two bonus tracks, instead of reprinting the same version. This has enriched the album and people buying this new version can enjoy some extras.



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