Ov Hollowness - interview

9. dubna 2013 v 21:45 | Monsterfuck / Stick |  Rozhovory
01. Hello to Canada! How are you? Winter is slowly fading away here in the middle of European continent but there are still some snowy days and low temperatures… how is the weather in your region at the moment? Which type of weather do you like the most? Some photos on the band's Facebook seem a little bit like you could be a fan of winter…

I thought and hoped that winter was over but today again I see snow falling. Winter is slowly fading away, but maybe not fast enough, it has been too cold, time for a change. I do like it though; visually it is quite nice and gloomy. I like photography as well as making music, so I try and get some decent shots of the season when I can.

02. When we mentioned winter… if there's a season which is somehow connected with black metal music it would be winter for sure, especially with the genre's most (in)famous form from early 90's and also with the bands which inspire themselves in this period of time. However, black metal which used to be probably the most orthodox style later evolved into many avantgarde and experimental branches which are often rejected by many musicians who still play the raw form of black metal. To give a small example - I remember that one memeber of Finnish band Bestial Mockery once said in an interview that all black metal should be raw, aggressive and heavily influenced by punk and that no black metal song should be longer than three or four minutes… well, he probably wouldn't consider Ov Hollowness to be black metal as well. Do you have an opinion on this "fight" between the traditional and alternative forms of black metal? Which of them do you prefer as a listener? Or do you enjoy both of them?

The feeling and mood of winter goes along with some elements or styles of black metal, not always though.

What happens in life and art is growth and change, things do not stay the same and if you are the kind of person who wants them to stay the same you will always be fighting against its' true nature, and it will lead to problems. The more I come to learn about people and their behaviours; I can see the limitations in their thinking. Some people find comfort in defining things, in this case music. They do not like to accept things that do not fit into a nice little box, their minds can't handle it. Always note when the word 'should' is used, is attention given to an idea or reality. For means of communication we put labels on things to try and define them, but it is only for getting points across. The true essence of anything is what it is, it is not its' label or name, in this case black metal. People who need to define things or have things to follow are those that can't think for themselves, they are like religious people, they need to be told what to do since they are unable to come to know things for what they truly are. It really is a lower level of thinking. I enjoy anything, anything that is good, quality.



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