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1. dubna 2013 v 21:30 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
The inteview with Crest of Darkness happened primary because of the release of the new album "In the Presence of Death". However it was a little impossible to talk only about one single topic with Ingar Amlien, the main person behind the band. It means that below you can find varied set of questions and answers about Ingar's short collaboration with Satyricon, his former band Conception, or about black metal in general, among others. And - of course - also about Crest of Darkness and "In the Presence of Death" too...

01. Hello to Norway! Crest of Darkness was founded in mid-nineties, which means in the period of time that many of today's fans consider to be something like "the golden age of black metal" despite the genre was on the pure edge of musical scene back then. I know that you used to play in a prog/power metal band Conception in that time - why did you decide to start a new project with a music belonging to maybe the most extreme genre in that time? It's quite big difference between the Conception's style and black metal…

It was great playing with Conception. We had a lot of fun, we released a few good albums, and we did also tour quite a lot in periods. You can say we had a pretty big success. Whatever, I've always been very much into the most extreme styles of music, I've always been interested in the dark sides of life. Vampirism, occultism, magic, religion… All this inspired me since I was a very young man. I think we played a lot of great music with Conception, some of the music did also have a dark spiritual side, but my darkest and most brutal ideas for making a musical concept didn't fit in in the music of Conception. When I started up with Crest of Darkness it was strongly motivated by the idea about expressing the darkest sides of my soul through my own, very personal project. I can easily understand that some people wonder how I could change so drastically, but it wasn't really a change for me… I just did the most natural thing in the world for me!



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