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9. března 2013 v 21:09 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
"Wziemiozstąpienie" is one of the albums which really surprised us this year... although it was released last year, we heard it this year for the first time and liked it a lot. After the review we asked the band also for the interview which was accepted and so it was possible to create following set of questions that were answered by guitarist Zagreus...

01. Hello, Zagreus! I would like to start the interview with some general facts about the band and about your music. The very first question won't be much complicated - what does the name of the band, Jarun, actually mean? I couldn't find its meaning anywhere…

Hello! There's nothing special about this name. Nothing special is hiding behind it anyway. It's just a name taken from ancient Slavic mythology. Jarun was poorly known, local deity of vegetation, spring and fertility, known mainly among the eastern Slavs. Little is actually known about him and he's quite a mysterious figure. But the fact that I took the name from Slavic mythology doesn't mean that we are actually a "pagan" band although of course we draw inspiration from folklore and tradition. It's just a strong, good, well sounding name for a band. Short and concise, easy to remember. I'm sorry if anyone was disappointed by this answer ;)



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