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Mezinárodní metalová skupina A HERO FOR THE WORLD dnes celosvětově vydala svůj kritikou ceněný stejnojmenný debut.

Ze všeho nejdříve by kapela chtěla poděkovat všem, kdo jí pomohli dostat se k širšímu publiku. Youtube stránka skupiny už má více jak 400 000 zhlédnutí za méně jak šest měsíců (www.youtube.com/aherofortheworld)

Album (vydané 29. března 2013) je k dispozici na iTunes:


Také je k dispozici na Spotify, Rhapsody, Zune, Google Play, Xbox, Deezer, Emusic a dalších.

Obal vytvořil Jobert Mello z Brazílie, člověk, který dělal přebaly pro Sabaton, Primal Fear, Hysterica a mnohé další. Jacob Kaasgaard (zpěv, klávesy, skládání) and David Sivelind (kytara a baskytara) jsou oba původem ze Švédska, ale v současnosti žijí na Filipínách. Bicí byly nahrány bubenickým virtuozem Andym Gentilem z Los Angeles, USA. Hostující ženský vokál nazpívala Louiebeth Aratan z Filipín.

Skupina je přirovnávána k některým z nejlepších kapel v metalovém průmyslu; zde následuje, co o debutu napsali někteří recenzenti:

[ponechána pouze originální verze - viz níže]


International Metal Band - A HERO FOR THE WORLD - has today released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album worldwide

First of all, the band would like to thank everyone that has helped the band reach a wider audience. The band's Youtube page has already had more than 400,000 views in less than 6 months (www.youtube.com/aherofortheworld)

The album (released March 29th 2013) is available on iTunes:


Also available on Spotify, Rhapsody, Zune, Google Play, Xbox, Deezer, Emusic, and more.

The artwork was made by Jobert Mello from Brazil; the man behind the album covers of Sabaton, Primal Fear, Hysterica and many more. Jacob Kaasgaard (Vocals, Keyboards, Composer) and David Sivelind (Guitar and Bass) are both originally from Sweden, but nowadays living in the Philippines.
The drums are played by virtuoso drummer Andy Gentile from Los Angeles, USA. Guest female vocals are sung by Louiebeth Aratan from the Philippines.

The band has been compared to some of the best bands in the Metal industry; here's what some reviewers had to say about the debut album:

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "ROCK METAL ESSENCE" March 2013: Rating 97 out of 100!
(Written by Iacopo Mezzano originally in Italian)
"A Hero For The World is a truly titanic metal work and anchored incredibly solid foundation. First of all, the production here is top notch, crisp and clear. The songwriting of Jacob Kaasgaard is of excellence, varied and always inspired, full of moments of great emotion and epic power."

"I was absolutely and totally surprised by debut album of A Hero For The World, a product crated with the mastery of veterans although it's a debut. A disc that has everything from choral, production, songwriting, the vocals, guitars and instruments, to entertain all fans of power, Symphonic, epic and melodic metal. Waiting now to listen and evaluate the possible response of the godfathers Avantasia, I continue to enjoy this album, knowing that it will be really difficult to do better…"

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "FORSAKEN AT THE GATES" February 2013: Rating 9 out of 10!
(Written by Robert Andersson)
"I have listened to a lot of debuts in my days but I think the debut by A Hero For the World is one of the more impressive ones so far."
"This band has a bright future."

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "STORMBRINGER" the Austrian Heavyzine, March 2013: Rating 4.5 out of 5!
(Written by Christian Ulbrich originally in German)
"Jacob Kaasgaard has a very special voice that is certainly not like any other, and which will certainly stand out among thousands."

"If you like well-arranged melodic metal with decent power who will not get around it, give the boys a chance, because as a debut, the Swedes are VERY impressive."

"Really good I like the seven-minute "Heaven's Eyes", which could be on no less than one of the older HELLOWEEN albums and still impresses with an outstanding orchestral outro."

"A great debut that will always find its way back into the ear canals."

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "ROCKENCUBA" March 2013: (Written by Juan Raul originally in Spanish)
"The have a current sound without forgetting the classic parameters of power metal, I like the singer's voice, he takes risks and does it very well, there are great compositions, they don't skimp on good guitar solos, keyboards are also present along the 10 songs that make this album"

"It is a great first step, it shows that they are very good musicians, so hopefully this is the beginning of a great career for A Hero For The World, a band that has a lot to say.

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "MetalFinal Ene" February 2013: Rating 5 out of 5!
"Don't miss this spectacular debut with an awesome force, and the breath of fresh air that contribute to True Metal"

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "SEA OF TRANQUILITY" March 2013: Rating 4 out of 5!
(Written by Scott Jessup)
"A Hero For The World is a stirring new melodic metal album, and as far as first outings go this band shows ample promise in both key areas of song writing and performances."

"AHFTW" - reviewed in "MY GLOBAL MIND" March 2013: Rating 9 out of 10!
(Written by Travis)
"Everything about it (AHFTW) has such an overwhelmingly positive feeling to it, you can't help but smile the whole time"

"While I know some will find this album too melodic and too cheesy, for my tastes it is absolutely fantastic, and even with the first five songs there's very little I would want changed musically. The band comes roaring out of the gates with "We Are Forever", which presents its chorus right at the start, letting you know you're in for a ridiculous catchy and epic album."

"It only gets better with "End Of Time", the fastest and most epic song on the album, pretty much a power metal classic in the making, with an excellent opening riff, awesome keyboards during the verses, and even some great symphonic elements throughout, while the chorus is even more upbeat and simply unforgettable than on any of the other songs. I feel the last three songs flow together perfectly, as first we have a brief but very beautiful instrumental interlude in "Over Land And Sea", and that connects nicely into "A Quest For The Brave", and the main melody of that song feels like a prelude to the big 10 minute finale "One Hope Of Light". Anyone hoping for a mammoth progressive power metal epic will be disappointed, as instead it's an incredible 10 minute ballad, highlighted by the vocal interplay between Jacob and Louiebeth, with one singing the main chorus while the other repeats the chorus from "Free Forever", all the while in the background the music also turns into a call back of that aforementioned song, resulting in one breathtaking moment to end the album with. The early parts of the song are also very memorable, with an excellent build up leading to the spectacular end sequence."

[tisková zpráva vydavatele]


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