Saille - interview

6. února 2013 v 22:23 | Monsterfuck / Ježura |  Rozhovory
Saille from Belgium released their second album called "Ritu" three weeks ago. This record was the reason for asking the band some questions and of course also the main subject of the interview. The answers were handled by guitarists Reinier Schenk and Jonathan Vanderwal and singer Dennie Grondelaers.

01. Hello to Belgium. Your new album "Ritu" is out just a few days, but new reviews keep appearing for a longer time. From those which I have seen it seems like there are only excellent ratings. How do you in the band like the feedback you have received so far? Are you satisfied with how metal journalists and listeners rate the album?

Reinier: Of course we are, since all of them are very positive indeed, it makes us proud and it's an implication our hard work paid off. It is great when you create something, other people enjoy it as well and react in a positive manner.



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