Panikk - interview

24. února 2013 v 21:21 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
Slovenian thrash metallers Panikk are releasing their full-length debut named "Unbearable Conditions" on 12th March. We recently made a couple of questions about the band, the album and thrash metal itself and send them to Panikk. Here are their answers...

01. Hello! You play pretty heavy music so let's start with pretty heavy question. You claim that you play Bay Area influenced thrash metal. That's surely cool, but someone could say it would be more logical to play European style of thrash since you're from Europe… so why do you present yourself with American style? Do you prefer US thrash metal also as a listeners?

We love both styles of thrash but we're closer to Bay Area style even as you mentioned as listeners so we're therefore more influenced by Bay Area bands but that doesn't mean we don't like European thrash bands because we sure do. In our music we try to include many different styles not just thrash.



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