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29. září 2012 v 19:54 | Monsterfuck |  Rozhovory
Here is the original English version of the interview with symphonic black metal band Darkend from Italy. We have talked with the singer Animæ who provided very long and detailed answers about Darkend, about the last album called "Grand Guignol - Book I" and many other things connected with Darkend.

01. Greetings to Italy! First of all, I would like to ask one thing - do you prefer name Dark End or Darkend? I have seen both versions, so I am not really sure about it… I am using Dark End in following questions, so I hope I chose the right one (laughs)

Greetings to you, Czech Republic! Ahah, hmm I'm sorry but you chose the wrong one! To understand this little difference you should know that the moniker "Darkend" derives first of all from an artifice commonly used in the esoteric tradition either to conceal the truth or to convey to the reader a message that transcends the written text: the Anagram. The name of the band (which we have changed by stitching together the terms "dark" and "end" to remain faithful to the above stated principle) as it is used symbolizes the Abyss, the unconscious opening its doors to mystery and dream, while anagrammed and stripped of its appearance, this name reveals its REAL meaning: in fact it is a key term used in an ancient Sumerian transmigration prayer that we will reveal in the lyrics of the song closing our fifth full-length.



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